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Connection to game servers [FAQ] Рейтинг статьи 2.1/5.0
Connection to game servers [FAQ]   You may find all necessary files for playing on RPG-Club servers in your account control panel on website in the 
Critical errors and Solutions Рейтинг статьи 2.6/5.0
Critical errors and Solutions Critical error OS: Windows XP 5.1 (Build: 2600)
Game client errors Рейтинг статьи 2.5/5.0
Game client errors If you cannot enter the game due to an error in the game client  Make sure you are using the correct Lineage 2 game c
Game errors/bugs Рейтинг статьи 3.7/5.0
Game errors/bugs If you find a game bug or have suffered/lost game valuables/advantages due to this game bug, please include the followi
Game lag, freezes Рейтинг статьи 3.3/5.0
Game lag, freezes If you experience lags when playing from an account with an active or previously enabled Premium subscription, first of all, you should change the proxy for this account.
Donations issues (no RUR received) Рейтинг статьи 3.3/5.0
Donations issues (no RUR received) If you have problems with donations, for instance, donation coins didn't appear on your account or in your character's inventory, you may write to support, pro...

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