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Additional window/box functionality


Additional windox/box functionality

All accounts with the enabled "+ Window" function can load one window in excess of the established limit.
That is, with a limit of 3 windows, a player can load 4 windows if the +1 additional game window function is activated on one of the accounts.

All paid additional windows have access to the game, regardless of the current restriction.

+1 additional game window is automatically added for all accounts with a Premium subscription, however, an additional window can be purchased for an account regardless of whether it has a PA status.

Several additional windows can be purchased for one account. The number of additional windows available for purchase is not limited.

To load an additional window while the limit is in effect, an account with a PA subscription or the purchased "+ Windows" function must be already in the game.
That is, the PA account must be logged in first in order for the PA bonus to apply to all subsequently loaded windows.

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