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Unbanning an account


Unbanning account

Temporary bans

The period for blocking an account for violations of the game rules is set in accordance with the table of Violations and Sanctions.

After the set ban period expires, the block is removed automatically.

Permanent bans

In case of multiple and serious violations of the game rules, as well as violations that cause significant harm to the project, a permanent ban is imposed on all of the offender's accounts.

With an HWID ban, the block is also automatically imposed on all additional accounts, including newly created ones, to which the violator is trying to log in from the banned equipment.

ATTENTION! An appeal against permanent blocking is possible by contacting the support staff, but the administration reserves the right to refuse unbanning without providing any explanation.


Paid unban

Paid block removal is available for temporary bans if the description of the reason is not marked "without unban". Please note that with each repeated violation, the cost, as well as the blocking period, is doubled.

The paid unbn service is carried out through an automated system.

ATTENTION! The game currency to pay for the service may be on another character, but you must have full access to it.


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