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Ban for botting/radar/prohibited software


Ban for botting/radar/prohibited software


Users of bots, radar or any oher prohibited software, who were caught during scheduled checks

  • don't make up excuses in support
  • don't demand proof(!) - currently, all prohibited software is detected by a number of complex technical checks, the mechanics of which, for obvious reasons, are known only to the administration and should not be known to the playersThe administration does not block accounts based on complaints, gossip, videos, screenshots or visual checks, non-standard behavior of characters.
  • do not try to link recent game activity to blocking - the account can be blocked a few minutes or hours after the violation is detected. Accounts of violators are blocked every day according to the same rules for everyone.
  • do not refer to other users' violations - all the arguments that someone allegedly uses such software, and "why shouldn't I" are insignificant.
  • do not create clone tickets, such tickets are ignored, and additional penalty points are added to the violator, which can lead to permanent blocking of the account.

The fact of violation is recorded in the server logs, so even a 1-minute experiment with prohibited software will inevitably lead to account blocking.

The launch of illegal software on other characters (twinks) also entails blocking the main characters.

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